e m a i l

link to a documentary (in german, title translates to english as "we don't vaccinate!" or "we won't be vaccinated!") about the devastating effects (autism, mental dysfunction, auto-immune diseases) of mercury, aluminium, phenole and formaldehyde in vaccines

video_65, a visualisation of a track by american composer chris arrell, commissioned by alte schmiede wien, shown twice at this year's diagonale film festival (graz, austria),
among others (melbourne, basel, vienna).

video_64 is an invitation into one's subconscious mind (it was shown at asifa's "under the radar" screening, in melbourne, etc.).

video_63 is a visualisation of a track by viennese composer curd duca, as are video_62 and video_59.

still image from video_66, to be released in summer 2015 on a dvd by störung, barcelona, with sound by asferico

current experiments: mapping out non-linear systems (similar to a magnetic pendulum with more than one stable end point)